Who is Smart Business Hub for?

Smart Business Hub is a digital exhibition open 24/7, available via any web connected device and entry is free. The hub was developed for organisations that want to do things better, smarter and cheaper. 

About Us

Smart Business Hub is an innovative resource for Australian business leaders wanting to drive better business performance.
The purpose of the Hub is to help you find options and ideas for your next project and connect you with the right solution providers. Browse through project case studies and get in touch with the solution providers who can help you to design a project unique to your business.


Our Mission 

To provide Australian businesses options to increase profit and become more sustainable.



Carl Duncan | Founder and Director

Carl has a background in management consulting, engineering and electrical trade. He spend 7 years at Australia’s leading energy and carbon advisory working with ASX200 companies. He now works in-house for a large food manufacturer and is responsible for energy, water and GHG emission across the portfolio. Outside of his corporate role Carl is the Founder and Director of Smart Business Hub and Queensland regional manager for Beam Energy Labs.  

Carl specialises in energy management with extensive experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, demand management, project due diligence, business case development, implementation support, stakeholder engagement and verification.

He has a deep understanding of implementation hurdles and how to best navigate them.

Carl’s objective is to support Australian businesses be more profitable and sustainable through positive change. To support this objective, Carl founded Smart Business Hub as a side project to increase uptake of business enhancing technology.

Carl is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) with the Association of Energy Engineers. He is NABERS accredited, an electrical engineer, proud ex-tradie and most of all, closet entrepreneur. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Rose Firmin | Co-Founder and Digital Consultant

Rose has a background in managing digital product and web design/development projects. She loves creating digital tools and products that help to achieve her client’s goals, as well as enhance the end users experience.
Rose is keenly interested in new digital technologies and innovations, and is working towards completing a Masters of Interactive Multimedia at UTS. Rose is a citizen of the world and recently spent 6 months living and studying Mandarin in China. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Maggie Harris | Content Guru

Maggie is an Australian author, expert content writer, editor and social media manager. She has experience in editing, web development, SEO and marketing, which is crucial to delivering objectives to Smart Business Hub clients, in order to assist them in achieving their marketing and content goals.

She’s an expert in technical writing and in technical translation of content for readable, engaging copy for consumption by consumer markets in the energy industry and more. Connect with me on LinkedIn.



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