October 2017

Top 10 content challenges for business

We all know how important content is to your business. (Didn’t know? Check out our previous blog, Why Content is King, to find out more.) Why then, do so many businesses struggle with bringing regular, engaging, quality content to their audience (read: potential clients)? We’ve broken down the top 10 content challenges for business.

  1. Time poor

Being time-poor seems to be the norm nowadays. Mums are time-poor, your colleagues are time-poor, teachers are time-poor. Being short on time is part of the territory when it comes to running a business, and let’s face it: we’d all rather be busy than face the alternative. Time pressures, however, are also the number one concern for businesses when it comes to generating content. Who has the time to search for ideas, write blogs, create marketing emails and follow up on the subsequent leads? All too often content falls by the wayside as a less critical task than hustling to generate business, or networking, or the thousand other things your business is taking care of. Despite this, it has been proven that content is more important than ever to business success in our rapidly digitising world. Making time for content is as important as your entire marketing strategy (and should be a large part of it)! 
  1. Content Strategy

Which is the best social media channel for your business? How often should you be updating? Does the number of followers on your business page matter? How do you increase your audience? How often should you create new content? What is your goal for your new content? How are you tracking the reach of your content? Are your salespeople utilising your content to leverage new clients?
Having a clear content marketing strategy requires an understanding of these factors, and many more.
  1. Quality content

Sitting down at the desk and pumping out 800 words on your topic of expertise may seem like an easy thing to do, but the fact of the matter is, we weren’t all born to be writers. Being an expert in your field does not necessarily translate to creating quality content. Creating sub-par content is tantamount to Google suicide these days, with clever algorithms increasingly picking up on poorly written, generic or spam-laden (keyword-laden) content and punishing websites accordingly. Creating well written, engaging content is important: not only for Google traffic, but for attracting and keeping readers.
  1. Understanding the trends

The social media landscape and our various online media channels are rapidly changing in their nature. Creating a blog is one thing, but knowing how and when to share it, and with whom, is another thing altogether. Understanding these trends requires the expertise of someone who’s well versed in content marketing and social media management. Unfortunately for businesses, this sort of knowledge can require a full-time commitment. That's why you need an expert on board, who's already got the know-how.
  1. Creating content

The biggest struggles content creators within specialised businesses face when creating content are:
  • Making the content feel genuine
  • Being creative enough to avoid repetition
  • Being concise and avoiding technical language
  • Translating complex ideas into reader-friendly material
  • Being compelling
  • Offering relevant, insightful and engaging content that readers will want to consume
 Having a deep understanding of content marketing and the appropriate skills as a writer is something that many business leaders simply don’t have. And, more to the point, they simply don’t have the time to acquire these skills and constantly hone them.
  1. Generating ideas

One of the first questions a dedicated content specialist will be asked when taking on a new client is, “how will we come up with an idea for a new blog every week?” and it’s a valid question. Industry expertise is one thing, but generating new ideas on a regular basis for unique and engaging content is overwhelming for many businesses. This is why a dedicated content specialist is necessary.
  1. Resources

When you hire personnel for your business, you’re hiring them based on their experience in your particular industry as well as their cache of relevant skills. You’re not hiring them based on whether they can write you a newsletter and manage your social media, while generating leads and making sales. Finding the appropriate talent within your business to manage your content can be tricky. Hiring a full-time marketing expert would, however, be stretching the resources too thin for many a business.
  1. Distribution of content

If you’ve managed to overcome the content creation issues listed above, and have come up with some quality material, the next question is: where to share it? Knowing where to distribute your content, and how, is key to gaining readership and potential leads. Your social media presence is vital, as is building your mailing list and expanding your network of contacts. It won’t surprise you to read that distribution challenges also come down to a lack of time. Getting your content out there can be almost as time-consuming as creating it in the first place.
  1. Engagement

Creating beautifully written and engaging content is one thing. Knowing how to interact with your audience is entirely another. In today’s content-driven world, proper engagement is what sets the successful apart. Having a clear ‘voice’ is important, and must be consistent throughout your content channels (be that blogging, social media, electronic mail, marketing material and more). Dedicating resources to managing engagement is difficult for a lot of businesses. So too is having a detailed understanding of how to do it properly.
  1. Consistency

The final hurdle facing businesses when it comes to creating content is in keeping it consistent. There is no point in building an audience, only to let them down by failing to deliver content regularly. Maintaining a consistent tone and message throughout your content, and across all channels, is another major barrier for many businesses.

It’s not all bad news!

Does your business face these challenges, or do you have some others which make content creation a struggle? Most businesses face these same issues, and have neither the expertise nor the in-house resources to overcome them. Luckily, specialised content marketing and digital support agencies like Smart Business Hub exist specifically to address these concerns. With unique industry expertise in smart energy, smart waste, and more, paired with a team of highly skilled content creation and marketing gurus, Smart Business Hub can build a unique content marketing strategy for your business, and execute it, for you. When hiring an in-house marketing specialist, with skills in content creation, social media management and marketing isn’t an option, our tailored content marketing solutions can offer your business the content marketing strategy it needs.

We specialise in:
  • Industry lead generation and networking
  • Blog writing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Business video production
  • SEO and website support, and more

We believe in doing business smarter, not harder. We work with a range of clients to develop unique, cost-effective, high-quality content marketing solutions. Could we do the same for your business? Get in touch today and find out more. 

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