April 2018


Just about any type of business you’re interacting with these days has a blog. From health and lifestyle businesses, to home renovators, to solar power installers. And there’s a good reason for it: Blogging has become an integral tool in standing out above the competition, maintaining an online presence and obtaining customers. Given the proven benefits of blogging, if you’re not already investing in a blog, you probably should be. In this post, we take a look at a few key ways that blogging helps a business to grow and why it’s so important to have one.

  1. Blogging improves your SEO

Managing a business these days often goes hand in hand with having a great website. Over 70% of consumers will research a business by checking out their website before deciding to make a purchase, and the same can be said for businesses looking for products and services. Not having a website is practically inconceivable in today’s day and age, however, having a good website is another matter entirely. Trying to rank against your competitors involves not only getting your website’s bare bones right, but also relies heavily on one other key factor: Content.
Blogging is the key to keeping your website fresh with regular, new content and increasing your search engine ranking. It’s no secret that Google loves content, and lots of it. Having a strong focus on appropriate keywords and good-quality content is a great way to improve your SEO.
  1. Business blogging builds trust and generates leads

The statistics don’t lie – having a blog is a huge advantage when it comes to bringing in new business. Research suggests that businesses who have a regularly-updated blog within their website generate some 80% more site visits than those that don’t. Furthermore, on average, sites with blogs receive up to 126% more leads from their website. The reason for this is multifaceted. First and foremost, having a blog shows your potential clients that you’re interested in adding value by providing helpful advice or information – for free. Before someone has even done business with you, your blog shows them that you’re not only an expert at what you do, but that you’re willing to share your expertise. But blogging doesn’t just mean sharing helpful tips, it also means updating your readers on recent news, wins for the business (awards you’ve been nominated for, trade shows you’ve attended, etc.) and anything that demonstrates your business’ activity.
  1. Your competitors are already blogging

Business blogging has become so much the norm these days that you can bet, if you aren’t doing it, your competitors already are. Not having a business blog means being a step behind the competition. Just imaging being a client yourself, and researching various businesses through their websites. Are you more likely to buy from a business who shares regular, helpful and informative blogs with their clients, or one which doesn’t appear to have updated their website since it was first built? Whether subconsciously or not, we tend to feel more of a connection with businesses who appear to be ‘present’ and current. If your competitors are blogging, can you afford not to be?
  1. How is your product/service different? A business blog will demonstrate

Do you offer something truly unique? Are you an expert in an area that simply mystifies your competition? Many businesses that offer something remarkable fail to get the message across via their websites alone. This is especially the case if your business is in a technical field. It’s more than likely that your clients don’t understand nearly as much about your industry as you do – so how can they possibly tell you apart from your competition? Your superior customer service is one thing – but getting that first interaction with the client means giving them something to think about before they’ve made the decision to pick up the phone. Having a business blog means that you can offer your potential clients an insight into what makes your business special, and most importantly, how you stand above the competition.
  1. Business blogging demystifies your product or service

If, like our Smart Business Hub members, you’re operating a very technical business, it’s quite likely that what you do is a bit of a mystery to your potential clients. Whether you’re building smart meters or creating the next big thing in IoT, your customers might know that they need you, but they’re not entirely sure why. Having a business blog gives your business the opportunity to explain, in laymen’s terms, what it is that you do and why it’s so valuable. Speaking in engineering code is hardly going to add value for your potential clients, so having a blog which breaks it down into something more palatable brings them along for the ride. Not to mention, it gives your business the opportunity to show the true value of your more high-end products and services, as it enables you to properly explain their value.
  1. It’s passive customer service

Unlike a website alone, which is a one-way communication tool, your blog encourages a two-way dialogue with your audience. Once you’ve created a great blog and you’re managing to keep it regularly updated, it begins to work as a passive lead generation machine. Imagine this: Your clients visit your website, read all about what makes you great and about how your business is making waves in the industry, and they’re already feeling so comfortable with you that they’re ready to commit. Rather than your salespeople having to spend time consulting with clients (although, of course, that’s still necessary), your blog is like a digital customer service officer, doing the work for you to explain what you do and how you do it better than anyone else. And what’s even better, your blog’s evergreen content can be used again and again to generate these leads. You can continue to share your stories via social media, for example, indefinitely, and keep your social feeds full of updates (a struggle for many businesses).
  1. Business blogging means becoming a thought leader

Having a business blog focus on ‘thought leadership’ is a great strategy to generate interest in your business by getting people talking.  Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise not only shows your potential clients that you’re the best in the business, but also gets those in the industry interested in what you have to say. Many successful business bloggers become industry thought leaders through their dedication to creating interesting and valuable content and become widely known for being the go-to for their expertise. If you’re an expert in your field, it’s time people knew about it – and a blog is the best way to get the word out. 

But, I don't have time to write blogs! 

We know. And that's why we're here. Our team of industry experts and content writers work with many businesses just like yours to create well-researched, genuine and engaging blogs for your audience. What makes us different to other content marketing agencies is our years of expertise in industries just like yours. Our technical knowledge is second to none and our writers are the best in the business. If you don't have the time to be writing your own business blog, we can help. Mystefied by the social media and marketing aspects as well? We've got a range of services that can assist. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you to grow your business with a business blog and more. 


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