October 2017

why email is critical to your business

Email marketing: you get it, you’ve probably sent it, and it’s here to stay. With the advent and astronomic rise of social media and the subsequent social media marketing juggernauts of Facebook and Instagram, you’d be forgiven or thinking that it was time to reinvest your marketing budget from email into social ads. However, despite the sheer prolificity of social media marketing strategies out there, email is still your greatest marketing asset. And here’s why.

  1. Email is more widely used

With around 3 billion email users around the world, email reach still outstrips the likes of Facebook (with just over 2 billion users) and Instagram (800 million users). Furthermore, while Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are largely dominated by younger users, email is still by far the best way to reach users over 35. The sliding scale of users heavily tips in the favour of email as we look to people aged 40, 50 and beyond. There’s no doubt that you’re able to reach a great number of potential clients through social media, but it’s important not to discount those who are simply not using it.
  1. Email leads are warmer than social leads

Sure, create a well-tailored social media campaign and you can reach hundreds or even thousands of users who’ve never even heard about you before. But, just what is the quality of these points of contact? The conversion rate for social media marketing is extremely low. No matter how targeted your marketing, it’s a bit of a ‘spray and pray’ approach. While there’s a time and a place for this, it has to be said that email marketing is simply more useful for converting leads. After all, email contacts are generally those who have already displayed an interest in your business. Email leads = qualified leads. Tapping into these contacts is more fruitful than just about any other marketing you’ll use.
In fact, up to 2013, email marketing had quadrupled in customer acquisitions in the previous 4 years. It just continues to grow now.

  1. People are sick of ads on social media

When was the last time you clicked on an ad that came up in your social media feed? Just like television ads, internet pop-ups and embedded news article adverts, our brains are being trained to scroll past them in the search for what we’re really after. Despite constant attempts by platforms like Facebook to integrate ads so seamlessly in our feeds, articles and even conversations, we are really good at spotting them and ignoring them. Social media marketing has become to social media what spam has become to email: Annoying and largely overlooked by consumers. That’s not to say that social media marketing isn’t worth consideration – quite the contrary – but its certainly not worth neglecting your subscribers.
Furthermore, as Facebook seems to become increasingly more about selling us something than connecting us, people are getting fed up. Facebook have now decided to make our newsfeeds more about our network than about adverts. We’ll see if that’s really the case, but either way, it will make it more difficult to get your page in front of the users who aren’t already looking for you.
  1. It’ cheaper and better bang for buck

Needless to say, sending emails costs next to nothing. Your monthly Mailchimp subscription is about all you need to spend to get your message out to your subscribers. On the other hand, social media marketing – while more affordable than some other marketing forms – is going to cost you. How much you spend is up to you, but given the conversion rates you’ll likely receive, you need to put your money where your mouth is if you want to get anywhere. The money you invest in email marketing is much more likely to reap rewards, thanks to the higher conversion it represents.
  1. It’s not rocket science

Even if you’re not as tech-savvy as you’d like to be, email marketing is pretty easy to execute. It requires nothing more than good content, an understanding of your customers and a degree of marketing knowledge – as well as an email service, of course. As business and motivational guru Gary V. says “It’s about the message, not the medium”. If you’re sending the right message, and you’re sending it to high-quality leads like email followers, you’ve got a recipe for success.
Don’t have the time, the skills or the marketing knowledge to execute a good email campaign? That’s where content support offerings come in handy. Read more about these, visit our marketing and digital solutions page and get in touch to find out just how affordable they can be.
  1. It’s more personal

Sure, sending hundreds of generic emails out to your subscribers isn’t exactly the most personal way to market. But there’s more to email marketing than this. In fact, you can whittle down your list of subscribers into unique categories that separate their interests and the messages that appeal to them. Even the simple act of including the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase open rates by 22%.
By paying a bit of attention to the responses and reports you generate from each email campaign, you can tailor your message to be more personal and more appealing to your customers. The possibilities are almost endless.
  1. It induces an action – and reaction!

While your audience can simply scroll past your ad on Facebook, emails are designed to elicit a response from users. A message that appears in one’s personal inbox is much more ‘in the face’ of users than any other form of marketing; be it social media, print, television, radio or something else. Furthermore, emails encourage users to either open, reply, forward, delete or archive. A good opening line can mean that ‘open’ is the most likely reaction you’ll get from your mailing list subscribers. Moreover, an email is much more permanent than any other type of advertisement. Unopened, it will remain in your audience’s inbox until they take an action. And it’s there for them to find later, if they want to come back to it.


An effective email marketing strategy can not only convert into sales, it can generate more return from each and every client you convert. If you don’t already have an effective email marketing strategy, you can get started in just a few simple steps. To start building your mailing list, craft some great content, and manage your email service, get in touch with Smart Business Hub today! 

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