We hear the hype but how can we take advantage?

The internet of things, robotics, drones, big data, 3D printing. I hear chatter about all this great technology but are they accessible now and how can we take advantage? Is my organisation too conservative to adopt such rapid change? 

These are all good questions and too often business leaders are left to ponder the possibilities, unsure of fact. This turns into perceived risk and in the end nothing gets done, sound familiar?

You're not alone, it’s a scenario common to the business community. The hub is here to help. Get the facts and learn what technology is right for your business through tangible real world results. Browse through recent disruptive technology projects below.

Now that's refreshing...


"It is critical that business and policy leaders understand which technologies will matter to them and prepare accordingly."

Mckinsey and Company | Source Mckinsey publication on disruptive technologies

"This is revolutionary…I estimate we’ve shortened our R&D process up to 35%, and this is on top of the 20% we’re already saving on our design work. For me, it’s fantastic.”

Patrick Hurst, Managing Director, Whale | Source Objective3D, 3D printing case study 

Recent Projects

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3D Printing Of Pump Components

Key Outcomes

  • 95% time saving
  • 87% cost saving

Problem Summary
Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Whale Pumps designs and manufactures a diverse range of pumping and heating systems that include plastic and rubber parts for consumer and industrial applications around the world. The company has a large in-house injection molding operation which requires costly CNC tools. Furthermore, Whale Pumps outsources functional prototype parts from service bureaus often located in China. All factors greatly slow down the R&D process delaying product launch.

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Mine Site Takes Advantage of Drone Technology

Key Outcomes

  • Improved mine safety
  • Increased profit through low cost survey option
  • Improved productivity through real-time monitoring
Problem Summary
Mine site operators routinely survey their facilities to monitor staff safety, stock pile levels and for general observations. Through the use of drones for this process, the New Hope Group were able to improve mine safety, increase profit and improved productivity. 

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