3D printing is set to reshape how we do business. It will be a real game changer for Australia where manufacturing costs are much higher than other countries. 3D printing will lead an uprising of niche manufacturing where items are made at or near the point of use with the ability to be fully customised.

The medical industry in particular is making rapid advances with 3D print technology. This progress is possible through R&D funding and the “high value” natural of medical products. However, there are real world examples where the R&D phase of traditional manufacturing is being done with 3D printing to save time and cost. The Objective3D case study is a great example of this. 

3D Printing projects

3D Printing Of Pump Components

Key Outcomes

  • 95% time saving
  • 87% cost saving

Problem Summary
Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Whale Pumps designs and manufactures a diverse range of pumping and heating systems that include plastic and rubber parts for consumer and industrial applications around the world. The company has a large in-house injection molding operation which requires costly CNC tools. Furthermore, Whale Pumps outsources functional prototype parts from service bureaus often located in China. All factors greatly slow down the R&D process delaying product launch.

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