Jobs such as scanning, mapping, thermal imaging and damage assessment have historically been done with complex systems using satellites, planes, and helicopters, only accessible for projects with large budgets or for natural disaster events. That has all changed.

Powerful information gathering services can be provided for a fraction of the cost. We now live in a world where farmers can access drone technology to conduct crop surveys, construction companies can map and monitor building sites, investment companies can profile a facility remotely and mine sites can survey stock piles without human intervention.

This is the tipping point for drone technology with real world examples that demonstrate value to the business community. Check out Smart Business Hub members that are leading this space and learn how drone technology can enhance your business through reduced cost, improved safety and data collection. 

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) projects

Mine Site Takes Advantage of Drone Technology

Key Outcomes

  • Improved mine safety
  • Increased profit through low cost survey option
  • Improved productivity through real-time monitoring
Problem Summary
Mine site operators routinely survey their facilities to monitor staff safety, stock pile levels and for general observations. Through the use of drones for this process, the New Hope Group were able to improve mine safety, increase profit and improved productivity. 

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