Energy consumption represents a whopping 85% of the total cost of ownership for pumps and fans. Luckily, vast energy efficency improvements have been made to reduce operational cost. 

Electronic control such as variable speed drives and servo drives have improved the economics of pump and fan investment opportunities (to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs). Technology upgrades or system modifications typically achieve internal rates of return between 10% and 30%.

Fans: Electronically Commutated (EC) fans are now becoming standard on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. They provide in-built speed control and can do the same job with a much smaller motor. This reduces electrical and thermal load providing a win-win situation for cooling applications.  

Pumps: Pumps have become more efficient using multistage technology. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) also save energy on oversized pumps and take advantage of the affinity law where a 10% speed reduction can result in a 20%+ energy saving. 

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