We are highly reliant on refrigeration systems for product creation and distribution. Take apples as an example, we have access to nice juicy apples nationwide even if they're out of season. That apple could have been picked three to ten months earlier in regional Queensland, stored in a cool room with the oxygen removed, then washed, processed and finally transported kilometres away in a refrigerated truck. The ability to pick an apple in the harvest season and supply to the consumer (year round) with the same great taste and consistency is made possible because of refrigeration systems.

The energy consumed by refrigeration systems across the economy is significant. Major changes such as the phase out of HCFC refrigerants like R22 provide an opportunity for improvement. For businesses with old systems it can be possible to achieve energy savings upward of 30%, from an Energy Managers' perspective that's nothing short of phenomenal.

Common opportunities include; variable plant pressure control, variable fan speed control, compressor staging and capacity control, heat recovery, defrost management, variable temperature control, economisers and electronic expansion valves.

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