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You can't beat good advice. Many organisations question the value of good advice by not fully understanding the potential benefits. Category management, capacity building, brand positioning and due diligence are just a few services where professional advice can be leveraged to drive cost efficiencies or grow revenue. Every organisation needs a secret weapon or weapons (aka the trusted independent adviser). Have you got one?

" The benefits of asset management are numerous: more predictable and sustainable cash flows; the final outcome of the profit and loss; the value of the assets on the balance sheet; and the ability to both support an expected share price and achieve market share"

Asset Management Council | Source, Asset Management Coucil website, What is Asset Management, Benefits of Asset Management

"Innovation is an absolutely critical theme of our administration"

Malcolm Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister | Source, The Sydney Morning Herald, Charging the negative particles: Malcolm Turnbull positions himself as the evangelist of change by Mark Kenny 

Recent Projects

Ingham reaps benefits of energy management focus

Key Outcomes 

  • 6% energy savings in 12 months
  • reduced maintenance and labour costs

In just under 12 months, Ingham’s management and operations staff, with guidance from Energetics, collaborated to achieve energy consumption savings across the business of 6% - a significant accomplishment for an energy management program’s first year. 

When compared with resource management programs for similar sized organisations, which typically build up 10% to 15% savings over five to eight years, the result places this iconic poultry producer as a top performer.  

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