When it comes to water savings, fittings and end use applications are critical.

Why? Advances in fittings and end use applications have focused on two factors; Reduced flow and pressure drop. Take a simple application like your shower at home, if you replace a standard shower rose that has a flow rate of approximately 16 litres per minute and change it to a 3-star fitting with flow rates of approximately 9 litres per minute, you just saved 43%! If it’s hot-water then you save on energy as well. Pretty simple right? Imagine rolling that out across a whole university campus, shopping centre or food processing facility.

Similar can be said for pumping applications. Take an irrigation system, if you reduce your nozzle pressure from 20psi to 15psi you just reduced the head pressure of your pump by 25% leading to energy and water savings. Flow and pressure reduction projects are typically low cost and can be done without having to re-engineer the system.

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