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Key Outcomes 

  • Much higher accuracy and repeatability achieved with non-intrusive clamp-on technology compared to the previously installed open channel meter
  • 3 to 4 times more cost effective than in line flow meter options
  • Maintenance-free with no moving parts or water contact
  • Better measurement performance than the other clamp-on flow meters tested by the customer
  • Ability to offer 80 m sensor cable without need of a junction box
  • Great local service and support through Flowservices (FLEXIM distributor)

Business Problem 


The only double delta river in the southern hemisphere, the Manning River is the lifeblood of the Manning Water Supply Scheme. From the river water is piped to Bootawa Dam where it is stored before being transferred into the water treatment plant for processing. Bootawa Dam has the capacity to hold 2,275 million litres of water and covers a 26.3 hectare storage area.

The Bootawa Water Treatment Plant delivers a world class standard of water to the community it serves. The membrane filtration plant is capable of processing up to 60 million litres of water per day, with a provision for further upgrading to 75 megalitres when required. The plant is fully automatic and monitored by advanced SCADA technology.
MidCoast Water wanted to improve the flow monitoring of water that was pumped from their Bootawa dam to the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant. Previously, MidCoast Water had been using an open channel meter located at a flume within the water treatment plant to monitor the flow. But the accuracy of the system was unsatisfactory, especially at times of low flows. Therefore they began looking for alternative technologies with which to achieve a more reliable and accurate measurement of water entering the treatment plant.
Initially, MidCoast Water considered installing a magmeter on the 1221 mm mild steel transport line leading from the reservoir to the treatment plant. But a magmeter of the required size would have been expensive and the installation process very labor-intensive. Instead, a more elegant and cost-efficient method was identified in the form of clamp-on ultrasound flow measurement.

The Flowservices Solution 

MidCoast Water trailed clamp-on flow meters from several suppliers, but only Flowservices could satisfy their demands with regards to performance of the meter, and especially stability of the measurements. A further factor that influenced MidCoast Water’s purchase decision was the excellent support given by Flowservices.

The Flowservices solution provided a cost-effective and highly accurate flow monitoring system. The media was water flowing through a drinking water trunk main that is 1221 mm (48’’) (outer diameter) and mild steel (12 mm) with concrete lining (18 mm). The instruments used is a fixed ultrasound flow meter model FLUXUS® F704 with CDK transducers using an 80m sensor cable.

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Superior Belt Cleaning System

Key Outcomes

  • 12-month Return On Investment (ROI)
  • 93% time saving allowing skilled workers to focus on high value tasks
  • 98.5% water and 100% detergent reduction
  • Improved food safety
  • Turn-around time reduced by 100%

Problem Summary
A baked goods manufacturer ("the client") was experiencing bottleneck issues with their conveyor cleaning process. This process was taking three factory staff 80 minutes to complete each day. The process also used 200 litres of water and detergent. This was causing high production, labour and utility costs. The client turned to Bio-Steam to help them improve this process. 

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New Plant Upgrade Triggers Cleaning Productivity

Key Outcomes 

  • 75% reduction in cleaning labour
  • No plant shut down required

Business Productivity Problem

A specialist bread processor installed a $1m plant upgrade and was experiencing difficulties cleaning key equipment and components of the process. This necessitated complete shut-down of production and four factory workers tasked with clean the equipment over a 12-hour shift. This was happening every 7-10 days.

The Solution
After visiting the site and collaborating with Production and Maintenance teams, it was agreed that a trial of a 9 kW steam and vacuum unit would be beneficial.

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Innovative Cleaning System Improves Food Safety

Key Outcomes 

  • Improved food safety
  • Reduced water consumption 
Problem Summary
A specialist fresh vegetable food processor with unique conveyor belt system design was experiencing food safety challenges particularly around Listeria and Salmonella. This presented the challenge of having to remove and wash belts at the end of every production day.

A site review and small scale trial was carried out to prove the concept and collect data. Following this trial, the customer ordered a KHD Return Mounted Belt cleaner.
This was installed along with an industrial vacuum system. The belts are continuously steam cleaned on every rotation and vacuum dried as they leave the cleaning head. The system uses as little as 30 litres of water per hour.

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