The future they see at Beam is one where rural Australians and businesses are owning their own low-cost and reliable power generation systems with no connection to the grid. They see a future where people’s electricity prices only ever come down and Australia’s electricity costs become the cheapest in the world through the adoption of solar power. Beam Energy Labs combines expertise in energy efficiency, storage and renewable's to help rural and remote businesses navigate rising energy costs.

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About us 

Australia’s power system, the system that we have used for the last century, is ready for a shake-up.

Beam was born by merging the disciplines of energy efficiency and solar power systems. The team at Beam believe that Australia’s electricity supply revolution will start in rural Australia and they are motivated to reduce your power costs from day one through energy efficiency and their Beam Jenny system.

Transporting power across the extent of this vast country is costing us too much. With the dramatic reduction in the cost of solar and batteries, people can now choose a different path.

What Beam does 

Beam Energy Labs partners with local installers to provide winning turn-key solutions. Their aim is to provide rural Australians and businesses with reliable, low cost, clean energy. This can be achieved in one step or a phased approach to suit customer requirements. Their speciality is tailored solutions that are fit for purpose.    

Beam Commercial

Beam Commercial's online platform helps businesses like yours to assess and procure solar PV and batteries. With out two-pronged approach of assessment and procurement, Beam ensures you are aware of every option at each of your sites, and helps you to secure the best value system for your needs. 

The Beam Approach

Step one: Beam uses customer data and sophisticated modelling to understand the business case for going 100%  solar or off-grid.

Step two: Beam sizes, designs and specifies the optimum off-grid solar system based on your consumption profile.

Step three: They then supply the components and work with a local install partner to install and commission the system.

Step four: Ongoing maintenance and support is provided by Beam's
local install partner.

Key Contacts 

Andrew Lister | Director 

Andrew Coffey | Commerial Lead 

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