Environmental Technology Solutions (ETS) is a solutions provider in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability. They pride themselves on their ability to harness real collaboration and leading edge technologies in delivering outcomes for their clients. ETS designs, manufactures, supplies and/or installs complete systems and unique technology solutions, such as combined heat and power, waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy as well as hybrid systems and renewable technologies. They are also specialists in a complete range of emissions treatment devices and solutions.

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About ETS 

ETS prides themselves on their ability to harness real collaboration and leading edge technologies in delivering outcomes for their clients. Their goal is to make change in the way people produce and consume energy such that the legacy we leave is a planet that will sustainably support the human race for future generations.

ETS provides turn-key solutions in the area of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy as well as hybrid systems and renewable technologies. They are also specialists in a complete range of emissions treatment devices and solutions.

ETS's products allow their clients to concentrate on their core business while ETS makes the business more efficient, sustainable, kinder to the environment and profitable as a result. At ETS, they strive to embody the “Triple Bottom Line” in everything they do.

ETS's People 

ETS's people have a mix of engineering, trade and economic backgrounds. These skills, coupled with excellent technology and environmental stewardship ensures great business outcomes for their clients. 

ETS's Solutions

ETS leverages the following key technology to improve environmental performance.

Waste Water Energy Recovery 

SHARC energy systems (an International Wastewater Systems company) allows for environmentally friendly, energy efficient, trouble-free transfer of energy to and from wastewater leaving almost any building in the world.



The process is simple. Sewer water, which consists of everything we flush down the drain contains heat which is captured and reused. Studies have found that we flush 1/3rd of the world’s energy requirements down the drain on a daily basis. With SHARC Energy Systems that energy can be captured and harnessed.

Smart Buildings 

Do you want to make your building a smart building? 

BRIM was developed to provide building owners, managers and occupants with the most comprehensive and yet simple environmental control of their buildings. The BRIM technology uses a network of sensors and WiFi enabled hubs to collect and store detailed occupancy data. The sensors respond to real time changes in building environment such as movement, temperature and ambient light. This ability to adapt to environmental changes in real time is what allows Brim to boost energy and environmental efficiency so significantly.


Solar Glass 

Onyx Solar is a true integrated photo voltaic product which can be used in place of 'standard' building components that can be customised to suit any type of building project. While it replaces conventional building products it also produces cheap and clean energy from the sun. Onyx Solar Glass also provides Thermal and Acoustic insulation.


Typical applications include Pergolas, Skylight Canopies, Atrium, Curtain Walls, Brise Soleil, Ventilated Facades. It even comes in a walkable version and can be made to meet any worldwide standard.

Emissions Control For Engines 

Miratech provides emissions control technology tailored to specific requirements. Using Miratech technology ETS can provide effective exhaust treatment for pollutants such as NOx, CO, VOC, diesel particulate, HAPs and noise. 

Exhaust Heat Recovery 

ETS and Cain Industries have a solution to utilise waste heat from engines. This is uniquely applicable in combined heat and power and waste heat recovery projects. Used to significantly improve system efficiencies across a variety of sectors.

Key Contacts 


Philip Mitchel | Director


Rick Edwards | Director



Andy Denton | Technical Sales and Specifications




Solar Glass - The Future Of Building Materials

Key outcomes 

  • Project value $70k
  • Generates up to 4.32 kW of clean energy
  • Reduces grid energy and provides certainty around peak demand reduction
Problem Summary 
Scotch College is an independent Presbyterian day and boarding school for boys, located in Hawthorn, an inner-eastern suburb of Melbourne. The College raised $40m to build a new Sciences facility aimed to equip students with leading edge skills and knowledge in a variety of learning spaces. During design, the architects (Cox Architects) were on the lookout for opportunities to improve building performance using innovative building materials. A particularly challenging area was the teaching space on the roof which needed to provide both shelter and natural light.

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On-site energy system saving $1M per year

Key outcomes

  • Cost saving of $1 million per annum
  • Received a $2 million Federal Government Grant
  • Project value $6.5M + $1.5M
  • Recipient of multiple awards

From feasibility to operation, ETS orchestrated the completion of one of the largest on-site energy systems of its kind at the iconic Bulla Dairy Foods Frozen Goods facility in Colac, Victoria.

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Converting heat waste into energy used for mine cooling

Key outcomes

  • Cost savings of $2.7 million per annum
  • Total project value $5.5 million
  • 18 month payback period
  • Saves 5000 tonnes of CO2 per annum

The ST Barbara mine in Leonora, Western Australia, had multiple gas generators which were producing heat waste. ETS was engaged to design and install an exhaust system which captures that waste heat and turns it into 5.6MW of additional capacity. The mine uses this additional capacity for its underground cooling system which means that traditional and much more expensive methods of expanding the cooling capacity were no longer required.

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ETS Upgrades CQ CitiClub Hotel’s Energy Efficiency with Tailored CHP Solution

Key outcomes

  • Savings in excess of $100,000 per year in lighting, power and heating
  • 27% reduction in carbon emissions 

Developing and installing environmentally-friendly systems such as combined heat and power (CHP), waste heat recovery, waste-to-energy and renewables technology, ETS tailors innovative solutions to help clients meet their emissions reduction objectives.

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ETS Installs SHARC Waste Water Heat Recovery for World's Largest Wool Tester

Key outcomes

  • $775k savings over 20 years
  • 37% reduction in gas consumption
  • 4.5 year 'simple' payback 

ETS provided AWTA with the patented SHARC heat recovery system, which captures waste heat that would otherwise be lost to sewerage each day. This heat recovery has resulted in a 37% saving in gas heating costs for AWTA, which will equate to an enormous $775k over 20 years. 

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