The Infoactiv Group is an independent provider of Managed Supply Chain and Sustainability Solutions, working with the Top 500 companies throughout the Asia Pacific region. Infoactiv‘s solutions aim to deliver tangible results to customers, saving money, increasing efficiencies and continually improving the performance of activities ‘post sale’. Infoactiv promotes environmentally-improved outcomes, combined with best cost, to enhance their business performance.

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About Infoactiv

Environmentally oriented products and services are now key elements in achieving a sustainable future. Community expectations, consumer trends and government regulations are creating new environmental challenges for producers, distributors and retailers of everyday products. This includes the need to eliminate and minimise impacts across the entire product life cycle while also ensuring positive social and economic outcomes.


Infoactiv understands the policy and practice of Product Stewardship and how this can help optimise supply chain management activities in a business context. Sustainable Product Stewardship models necessarily require end-to-end solutions. Most importantly this knowledge and expertise delivers solutions that add value through reverse logistics and product recovery. This is the space in which Infoactiv operates and thrives.

Established in Australia in 1999 by Helen Jarman, Entrepreneur and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year recipient, Infoactiv is a privately owned Australian company recognised as one of Asia Pacific’s leading and trusted independent providers of managed supply chain services and product recovery programs.

Infoactiv works with a diverse range of customers on projects including Australia’s MobileMuster program, and asset recovery at Lenovo. Reuse and recycling services are also core services to several other global brands, OEMS and associations.

Infoactiv's solutions cut across jurisdictions, regions, industry sectors, product categories and waste streams. The focus is on adding value, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and environmentally improved outcomes.

Infoactiv's People 

The team at Infoactiv are passionate about the environment and ensuring a greener supply chain. Not only do they balance their own business activities to ensure the greenest possible approach, they also operate a number of managed sustainability programs on behalf of their customers.

Infoactiv's Expertise

Infoactiv is an independent specialist provider of supply chain and sustainability solutions with relevance to OEMs, brands, retailers, institutions and government agencies. They are leaders in the design and delivery of end-to-end managed services with a focus on reverse logistics. Whether it's about IT asset disposition, product recovery programs, e-waste recycling services, retail campaigns, recycling compliance schemes or returns management, Infoactiv specialises in the post-sale and post-consumer solutions. They're accustomed to building the best solution for their customers and their customers' end-users.

Qualities and Strengths

  • Intelligent solution-building
  • Diverse expertise - technical, commercial, environmental
  • Independence and objectivity
  • Thought leadership and innovation
  • Integrated technology and services
  • Collaboration and customisation
  • Proactive and dynamic team
  • Proven results and measurable outcomes
  • Measurable customer benefits
  • Local knowledge and globally networked
  • Strategic thinkers and practical implementers

Infoactiv's approach is driven by customer need and their deep knowledge of implementing real-world supply chain solutions. Send an equiry to Infoactiv today about your supply chain challenge and they will be back in touch with you soon. 

Key Contacts

John Gertsakis, Chief Sustainability Officer



ICT Companies Reduce The Cost of Waste and Drive Efficiency

Key outcomes

  • Cost savings and controls across the business
  • Improved margins on product resale
  • Process efficiency and customer satisfaction rating
  • Effective environmental compliance and hard data to report CSR performance
Problem Summary
Infoactiv’s program ‘ECOACTIV’ helps ICT companies overcome these common challenges of trying to efficiently manage product recovery and reverse logistics activity:
  • Internal resource constraints
  • Missed opportunities to promote environmental credentials and CSR activity
  • Need to reduce "greentape" and compliance costs
  • Limited organisational understanding of product stewardship and waste management compliance
  • Inadequate visibility, tracking, reporting and control across business processes

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