Optimal Group was founded specifically to provide the best in low emission, reduced cost and highest reliability power generation solutions. As the Australian and New Zealand distributors for Capstone Microturbines, they deliver flexible and modular solutions, for grid connected or remote applications alike, which allow clients to reduce operating costs, cut their emissions and improve power reliability in a diverse range of industries.

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About Us

Optimal Group Australia is a specialist provider of power generation equipment and services to a range of industries including commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare, utilities, defence and oil and gas.
Established in June 2012, the company was founded by a team of industry experts. The Capstone Microturbine is at the heart of its technology base. Recognising the effect of rising costs of power on businesses and the unique opportunity offered by the single moving part Capstone Microturbine, Optimal provides a unique range of low cost energy solutions not previously provided by onsite power generators.
This unique offering starts with the Capstone Microturbine and couples with the understanding that most customers don’t just want a generator, but require; a reliable supply of power with no hidden costs and a fixed and competitive lifecycle cost.
Optimal does this by supplying the world beating Capstone Microturbine with a suite of proprietary Opti-Analytics analysis tools and Capstone’s fixed cost “no-surprises” service plan for 5 to 9 years depending on the customer’s requirements.
Core to the Optimal business is our team of factory trained Authorised Service Providers (ASP’s), in-house spares parts and national alliance with AE Smith, Australia’s largest mechanical service contractor, to provide service and installation resources.

Our Clients Drivers

Optimal provide energy solutions to customers wanting to solve one or more of the following challenges at the lowest lifecycle and operational costs.



Optimal’s Operation, Optimal is an Australian owned company founded in June 2012 to service the energy efficiency market. Based in Melbourne, Optimal operates national sales, field servicing, product development and engineering resources and maintains a growing network of sub-distributors in selected industry sectors and geographic regions to maximise customer service.



Optimal's Technology

The Optimal Energy Solution is based on the use of Capstone Micro Turbine technology. The turbines can be installed to synchronise with the grid power or as a stand-alone power supply.
With just one moving part Capstone Turbines™ are mechanically very simple. The shaft spins at high speeds (up to 96,000 rpm) on air bearings and with air providing both lubrication and cooling. The engine does not require oil or water cooling systems. This feature ensures exceptionally high up-times and significantly longer maintenance intervals compared to other technologies.
The electrical power produced is automatically synchronised to grid power through IGBT inverters at high power factors.

Capstone Microturbines generate clean, efficient power that is ideal for commercial buildings and hot water suitable for space heating and absorption chiller air conditioning.

The world’s cleanest burning engines.

Whether running on biomass gases, natural gas, kerosene, propane or diesel, Capstone Turbines™ are among the world’s cleanestburning engines, without any post-combustion treatment.

Features and benefits of Capstone Turbines

  • Flexible operation. Microturbines turn down to 10% of rated capacity. This means that as your facility’s demand changes, the Microturbine can adapt with the new demand.

  • Flexible integration: No vibration or dynamic loads and a small footprint make microturbines easy to fit into buildings where others won’t fit.

  • Turnkey cogeneration in the one package: No hidden installation costs.

  • High reliability: – Maximum up-time.

  • Fixed price 5 and 9 year service plans: all-inclusive maintenance plans including extended warranty.


Kane Ravenscroft | Sales Director

Neil Maisey | National Business Development Manager


Collins Square's Trigeneration Energy System by Optimal Group

Key Outcomes

  • 5 star NABERS efficiency rating

  • Best practice commercial green building design

  • $2 billion project, largest of its kind in Australia.

  • Use of Capstone Microturbine technology

When the Walker Corporation started planning the new Collins Square development they decided it should lead the way in best practice commercial building green design and efficiency.
The Optimal Group helped them achieve this, along with exceeding the 5 star NABERS rating. The cornerstone of this plan was a modern embedded trigeneration system where each of the 5 towers making up Collins Square could generate part of its own electrical demand using natural gas. 

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