SATEC’s presence in Australia brings together over 40 years of experience and knowledge for energy management solutions along with extensive value added capabilities. The culmination of local expertise and SATEC’s global leadership in metering, power quality analysers and software provides a source of knowledge to satisfy customers' ever changing demands for today’s scalable energy, power quality, and billing applications particularly in critical infrastructure applications.

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SATEC’s multi-disciplined product range includes NMI approved energy meters for billing, multifunction power metering, data/event logging capabilities (date/time stamping), Time of Use (TOU) for tariff billing and power quality of supply (sags/swells, harmonics, power factor, transients, waveform capture etc.), as well as other advanced functionalities. SATEC’s energy management software capabilities provide customers with flexible load management solutions for their metering systems including advanced control for demand response and embedded billing solutions. 

NMI Approved Metering 

SATEC’s product offering includes the first multifunction DIN rail smart energy meter approved for NMI metering with the EM133-AR complete with RS485/modbus communications, data logging, revenue class accuracy 0.5S, with measuring capabilities for both 5A CT and 0-100A input. Electricity meters used for sub-metering, are now required to meet NMI testing standards for energy meters. From January 2013, the exemption for energy meters used for trade was lifted, meaning energy meters used in residential sub-metering and commercial businesses environments must be NMI (National Measurement Institute) approved.
SATEC followed up with further innovative technology, with the introduction of the first multifunction branch feeder metering solution BFM136. The BFM136 can be configured for up to 36 single phase metering circuits, or 12 three phase metering circuits, or a combination of both for up to 36 current inputs via SATEC HACS/current sensors.

Metering and Power Quality Applications 

SATEC’s broad product range includes multifunction power metering, data/event logging capabilities with date/time stamping, Time Of Use (TOU) for tariff billing and power quality of supply for sags/swells, harmonics, power factor, transients, waveform capture and other advanced functionalities. Extensive I/O capabilities allow for inputs from water, gas & other third party energy devices coupled with SATEC’s communication platforms provide a broad solution approach to energy management applications.

Energy Management and Billing Software

Today’s need for energy management information is critical for decision makers to be informed on energy usage. SATEC’s eXpertPower™  software  solution provides comprehensive information for energy management, billing (TOU) tariff, demand response, power quality analysis and generator control. eXpertPower™  provides web browser interface with multi-browser support (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari) in addition to supporting web Application Program Interface (API).

Value Added Capabilities 

SATEC provides multiple value added capabilities including installation verification, programming, data validation, power quality audits, energy data profiling. SATEC's procedures include NABERS approved processes, Power Quality engineering expertise, extensive validation and reporting procedures to ensure customers confidence in our commissioning format is the benchmark in metering for Measurement and Verification (M&V).

Accuracy Class Rating Class 0.5S 

Energy accuracy should be a prime factor in the consideration of energy meters which must comply with the challenges of modern energy management and billing information. Class 0.5S per AS/IEC62053-23 should be considered a minimal requirement for any energy monitoring application in today’s world of rising energy costs, thus ensuring confidence in measuring repeatability accuracy under varying metrology conditions.

Warranty Period 

SATEC’s warranty period provides confidence in the performance of their metering solutions with a three (3) year warranty from supply, in addition to a five (5) year warranty on the measuring accuracy of SATEC metering from issuance of the factory test report.

Customer Base

SATEC’s policy of supporting the customer-first attitude has provided a broad customer base from universities, to shopping centres, hospitals, apartments, data centres, multi-mix commercial projects, industrial, utility users and more.

Technology Driven 

SATEC strives to lead innovation with technology that enables traditional metering installation space to be reduced by upwards of 90%. Innovation in this area provides solutions for retrofits and new installations to be better accommodated for cost reduction and design flexibility for architects, designers, building owners, distribution switchboards, and electrical contractors. The use of ethernet communications with multiple open sockets provides improved communication flexibility.

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