Solar Bins Australia has a vision of a world without waste. They aim to be a leader in sustainable, smart waste solutions for all Australians. Their focus as a business is based on delivering cost effective waste management solutions for facilities management companies, councils, governments and mining companies. They are the exclusive Australian distributor of Bigbelly Solar Compactors.

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The vision of Solar Bins Australia is to live in a world without waste, a world where sustainable smart waste management practices are the norm. Where waste innovation through technology empowers our communities. They will enable this vision through great technology and alternative waste management models.

Mission and Purpose 

Solar Bins Australia's mission is to constantly evolve their technology, product channels and waste management solutions to create a remarkable shift in today's waste collection processes, in order to create smarter, cleaner cities. They strive to become the worldwide industry leader in connected waste management, through connected and efficient waste management technology.


Solar Bins Australia focuses on three key technologies to provide a superior waste managerment solution. These technologies are;
  • Smart Bins. BigBelly Solar Compactors are solar powered and can accomodate up to five times that of a standard bin. 
  • Intelligence. The bins are fitted with connectivity and level sensing devices so they can provide feedback on individual status. 
  • Data analytics. Solar Bins Australia developed a superior waste management platform that allows their customers to understand the status and location of bins throughout the waste network. This allows for system optimisation to reduce cost, improve sustainability and beautify spaces. 

Key benefits

Business benefits

  1. Cost reduction - The BigBelly can hold up to five times that of a standard bin significantly reducing pick-up cost. 
  2. Sustainability - Less pick-ups means less fuel emissions from transport.  
  3. Network optimisation - The Clean Management System allows the customer to understand if a bin is full, location, any faults and battery status. Data can be accessed from any network connected device such as smart phone, tablet or PC. 
  4. Reporting - Data captured through the Clean Management System allows for easy compliance and performance reporting.  

Key Contacts 

Leon-linkedin-bw.jpg                                                            Silke-linked.jpg
Leon Hayes | Founder and CEO                        Silke Stolze | National Operations Manager


Progressive Council Embraces Smart Bin Technology

Key outcomes

  • Saved $110k per annum in labour costs 
  • Reduced the number of required bin collections by 70%
  • Reduced illegal dumping
  • Use of GPS and smart phone technologies to improve process
  • Increased community satisfaction
  • Reduced waste collections from 7 days a week to less than 3 days a week
  • Better utilisation of plant and equipment with a more defined garbage collection run emanating from GPS analysis

Problem Summary
The Nambucca Shire Council was looking for ways to improve their public waste collection and amenities cleaning services. They found that these services had not been reviewed for decades and with a budget of over $450k a year going to this area, surely there was room for improvement. 

The Council turned to Solar Bins Australia for help with this project, where they replaced tradition public bins with BigBelly Solar Bins. These new bins have an internal compactor allowing them to hold 5 times more waste and it is powered by 100% renewable solar power. 

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