VivoPower is a next generation solar power company. They are a provider of solar PV and storage solutions under a Power Power Purchase Agreement. VivoPower delivers renewable energy to customers from solar power assets that they build, finance and operate. With the energy industry changing at a rapid pace, VivoPower’s solutions are facilitating cheaper and cleaner solar power to commercial, industrial and government customers across the globe.

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VivoPower-Logo-R.pngWHO IS VIVOPOWER

VivoPower is an international solar power company. They operate solar power assets to provide their commercial, industrial and government customers with renewable energy. 

Currently, VivoPower provides power support services and specialise in copper indium gallium selenide solar cell (CIGS) rooftop built-to-order and groundmount utility built-to-order projects.  

VivoPower can help reduce a client’s energy pricing and fix pricing over a long period through using a Power Purchase Agreement. VivoPower takes care of these assets from initial design, install and operations and maintenance. They can also provide additional services such as demand management, helping clients benefit from variability in energy pricing.


Their team has a unquie combination of power plant development and utility industry experience, financial and investment expertise and technology literacy. Collectively the team has financed, structured, developed, commissioned, operated and/or optimised in excess of 1GW of power assets, including over 500MW of solar power plants around the world.  
This unique and holistic team composition allows VivoPower to add value throughout the entire lifecycle from sourcing opportunities, arranging finance, design, installation, power support services (encompassing asset operation, maintenance, data analytics and optimisation) and commissioning. 
Rooftop CIG Solar Projects for Commercial, Industrial and Government  customers  

VivoPower works with CIG developers to help implement rooftop solar energy systems for a range of customers such as schools, shopping centres, retailers, airports, wineries, breweries, industrial parks, data centres, shipping ports and manufacturers.  


VivoPower will meet with you to gain insight on current energy usage data.  After analysing your data, they will be able to put together a package that suits your needs and will give you an indication of contract length and next steps. 


Stephen Bowhill  
Managing Director – VivoPower Australia


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