V-TOL Aerospace Pty Ltd is a CASA approved unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flight operations and training organisation. V-TOL is a manufacturer of customised and compliant small UAS, often known as drones. They have delivered solutions for ASX200 commercial and government organisations. V-TOL specialises in small fixed wing and multi-rotor UAS and is currently developing the world’s first heli-rotor system in conjunction with the University of Queensland (UQ) and a revolutionary small LiDAR survey UAS with CSIRO's Data 61. In 2011, Deloitte and the Brisbane City Council awarded V-TOL the Lord Mayor’s Innovation Prize for its creative approach to R&D in the emerging global UAS industry.

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About V-TOL Aerospace

During 2010, V-TOL was sponsored by the QLD Government under the Smart State Future Fund Proof-of-Concept program to develop and recommend capability development strategies and operational procedures for Queensland Fire and Rescue Services (QFRS). This project was completed on time and within budget. V-TOL has operated UAS, now referred to by CASA as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), commercially for the past decade and sits on the CASA UAS Sub-committee working groups to develop policy that has resulted in a move towards new regulations that will comply with ICAO agreements. V-TOL has graduated 250+ UAV Pilots (both Fixed Wing and Multi-Rotor) and is working towards delivering the world’s first regulator approved RPAS Certificate 'Advanced' Pilot’s Courses (night and long-range) using a purpose designed suite of UAS technology. The education and training organisation of V-TOL Aerospace, the Australian Unmanned Systems Academy Pty Limited (www.ausacademy.org), using V-TOL’s unique UAS Operator’s Certificate, is the only CASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) that can currently offer the unrestricted Basic RPAS Certificate Pilot’s Course which will seamlessly link into advanced RPAS qualifications in this country.

V-TOL's People 

V-TOL's people are well grounded in all aspects of small RPAS regulations, and manned and unmanned commercial flight operations. V-TOL represents a growing team of CASA approved aviation specialists in both unmanned and manned operations.

V-TOL's Products 

V-TOL supplies, designs, develops, and manufactures customised & compliant small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) & Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). V-TOL applies and links current & projected future Australian & International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulatory requirements to its products & value-adding applications to deliver cost-effective solutions. As a manufacturer and 3rd party supplier of UAS products, V-TOL provides the critical advantage of OEM level in-country technical systems & customer support. V-TOL specialises in small fixed wing and multi-rotor systems and is currently developing the world’s first heli-rotor system in conjunction with the University of Queensland (UQ).

V-TOL's Services 

V-TOL offers a range of specialist industry services including RPAS flight operations, geospatial services including data capture and mission planning, collection, processing, analysis, reporting, online delivery, and storage. To assist organisations with RPAS technology uptake V-TOL offers capability development advisory services, and CASA approved training to rapidly optimise a commercially sustainable and bankable outcome.


Training and Education

V-TOL is a CASA approved training organisation. The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) is the education & training organisation of V-TOL (www.ausacademy.org). AUSA is a global leader in qualifying individuals in the commercial operations of RPAS & UAS. AUSA also provides advisory services to industry, government agencies, & corporations in the acquisition, capability development & sustainment of this technology within their organisations.


V-TOL provides extensive technical and advisory support to industry, government and its commercial customers. With over 10 years' operational experience in the Australian commercial airborne robotics UAS sector, V-TOL has built a respected reputation in applying & linking regulatory requirements to commercial applications, platform design, technology development, product manufacturing (3D modelling & printing), flight operations & systems support.


V-TOL is committed to collaborative & applied research and development (R&D). Working with their project partners, V-TOL's R&D primarily focuses on taking new Australian ideas and innovative technologies from the lab to the nation's core economic industries. V-TOL's aim is to establish a sustainable supply chain of clever products & services that are cost-effective, can value-add to Australia's GDP and can be exported to the rapidly emerging global market opportunity. R&D partners have included CRC-SI, CSIRO, USQ, UQ and other ASX200 organisations.

Key Contacts 

Mark Xavier - Managing Director 



Mine Site Takes Advantage of Drone Technology

Key Outcomes

  • Improved mine safety
  • Increased profit through low cost survey option
  • Improved productivity through real-time monitoring
Problem Summary
Mine site operators routinely survey their facilities to monitor staff safety, stock pile levels and for general observations. Through the use of drones for this process, the New Hope Group were able to improve mine safety, increase profit and improved productivity. 

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